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Fifty years of passion have turned a craftsman into a leading company of the classic. Stilema stands out for its ability to interpret the style of the homeland of Renaissance art: Urbino. Dynamic, strong and generous land, where the tradition of the past has remained current. Stilema is a classic of the author, the direct heir of the artistic vein of the master cabinetmakers who have made noble the sweet hills of Montefeltro.50_anniversary

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To make a piece of furniture, it takes Stilema.
Noce Natura, an ancient formula handed down for generations and rediscovered today. Only 100% natural wood, expertly worked with artisanal methods and natural treatments. Whitening with sea salt, light vegetable color, gypsum-based patina, water-based paint and lots of passion. No chemical additives or formaldehyde. Stilema wood is recognized by its quality signature. It was like this a long time and it’s like that today. Our furniture is unique because they are responsible, because they know how to combine design and naturalness without neglecting aesthetics. Sustainability, craftsmanship and a lot of passion for beautiful things.
To make a piece of furniture, you need Stilema.


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100% wood


The perfumes of plants, the colors of nature, the harmony of forms, are alive in our creations. The wood that Stilema selects, comes from areas to reforestation and only from trees grown in their plantations.
The metamorphosis of the materials respects the poetry of the earth and the love of man, for a 100% guaranteed quality: only the best woods are transformed into Stilema furniture.


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Zero formaldehyde


The use of furniture companies of different materials, such as chipboard or derivatives, can put your health at risk for the possible emission of a carcinogenic substance called formaldehyde. For this reason, Stilema has always been attentive not only to the study of details and shapes, but also to that of materials and research. We take your wellbeing by the hand and accompany it towards a life of beauty and health. An indisputable binomial, for those who want to obtain a quality that reaches the heart of things and does not stop on the surface.
Formaldehyde is a colorless, carcinogenic gas. Find its application in particle board, much used by companies. And it is for this reason that it is produced in large quantities. European legislation has not been implemented in many Eastern countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria and China.


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Made in Italy


Stilema travels and tells an all-Italian story for over 50 years. 100% Made in Italy is a hallmark of guarantee, quality and respect for tradition. The company boasts in fact a considerable effort towards the use of first choice elements, both as regards the materials and the accurate workings with which it realizes its furniture. Stilema in fact chooses only the wood of their plantations, which is worked entirely in
Italy, according to strict processing protocols, which guarantee its quality and durability over time.



Stilema facebook

The cradle of the Renaissance


Stilema is the expression of the fascinating urban artisan cabinetmaker and the guarantee of an Italian brand. It contains the emotions and virtues of a classic style of ancient memory in its collections. Because from the great masters of art we have inherited not only the creative inspiration, but above all the quality in the working method. The world of the classic revives through the inlays, the diamond work and the dovetail joints, signed by Stilema. 100% Italian.